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Good Jibes #59: Randall Reeves Shares His Figure 8 Voyage

This week’s host, Moe Roddy, is joined by Randall Reeves to chat about Randall’s unbelievable Figure 8 Voyage and other adventures around the world. Randall is the first person to complete the 40,000-nautical-mile Figure 8 Voyage singlehanded — an achievement that resulted in his receiving the CCA’s (Cruising Club of America’s) 2020 Blue Water Medal.

Randall Reeves holding sign
Randall Reeves kept in touch during his Figure 8 Voyage. At 1:17 hear about Randall’s favorite sailing journey.
© 2022 Randall Reeves

Randall shares the most extreme parts of his passage around the Americas and Antarctica, the most difficult and exhausting stretches, what he learned on his first attempt, and how to solve problems on the water and battle big storms and big seas.

This episode covers everything from the Northwest Passage to penguins. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did Randall get interested in singlehanding?
  • Did he dream of sailing offshore one day?
  • How did he get into bluewater sailing?
  • What is the Figure 8 Voyage?
  • How much of the Northwest Passage is open?
  • Why is Randall’s boat called Moli (aka Mo)?
  • How long did it take him to get through the Northwest Passage?
  • Short Tacks: Do polar bears hibernate?

Learn more at and check out Randall’s picture book, The Figure 8 Voyage

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