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Good Jibes Episode #43 With Captain Donald Lawson

Welcome to Good Jibes Episode #43. This week’s host, Ryan Foland, is joined by Captain Donald Lawson to talk about the planning and preparation needed to break some of the most difficult sailing records in the world. Donald is chairperson of US Sailing’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and is currently the owner of the trimaran Mighty Merloe, which he intends to rechristen Defiant, and aboard which he’s setting sail to break a number of solo course records.

Donald Lawson
At minute 37:04 Donald shares his thoughts on how to choose your own weather with a fast boat.
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Hear how to practice your sailing craft and turn difficult passages into enjoyable ones, what you have to do to be considered one of the best, about French vs. US sailing culture, and how to choose your own weather on the water. This episode covers everything from breaking sailing records to trimaran life.

Here’s a small sample from the episode:

  • Has Donald always been competitive?
  • How does preparation tie in with competitiveness?
  • What are records?
  • How long has Donald known he’d be going after this record?
  • Are there solo records and crew records?
  • Do you get a Guinness World Record at the same time as a WSSRC record?
  • Why is French sailing culture so prestigious?
  • Is there a new record for every type of foil?

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