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Enjoy Good Jibes Episode #30 With Ron Geiger

Welcome aboard for our 30th episode of Good Jibes! This week our host, Ryan Foland, is joined by Ron Geiger to chat about building your own boat and all things Big Geiger Cove and Catalina. Ron grew up visiting the cove that bears his family name. He’s since traveled over 50,000 nautical miles and has lived on sailboats for over 25 years.

Hear how they improved Big Geiger Cove over the years, what Ron learned through exploring Catalina Island in a dinghy, how to build your own boat, and how to cruise beyond your comfort zone.

Good Jibes w/ Ron Geiger
At minute 8:17 find out why it was inappropriate for unmarried couples to go sailing with each other.
© 2022 Ron Geiger

Ryan and Ron talk about everything and everywhere from Catalina to Hawaii. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • What is Big Geiger Cove?
  • How did people build their own boats?
  • Why was it inappropriate for unmarried couples to go sailing with each other?
  • How many boats can fit in Big Geiger Cove?
  • What would the title of Ron’s book be?
  • How did he build his own boat?
  • Is there another Big Geiger Cove rival in the Channel Islands?
  • What advice does Ron have for sailing beyond your boundaries?

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  1. FRED HUFFMAN 2 years ago

    Hi Ryan and Ron-
    Fred Huffman here.

    Ryan – Good interviewing.
    Ron- I enjoyed immensely all your comments. Particularly, your memories of your youth growing up engrossed with sailing in general and cruising amongst our incredible Channel Islands. As you know, I was around all those places in those days, too, and, like you (and, as I am well aware, do your brother and sisters), I relish those memories, too; they seem rather more amazing as years go by. For numerous months I’ve been writing my memories of those post WW II years when the BWCC was founded and so many of our club’s traditions and cruises were created (Your dad gets several pages. and you, too.) and it has been great fun remembering and remembering and remembering. I’ll send you a copy when it’s finished if you desire one.

    Thanks to both of you guy for the row down memory’s shore.

    Fred h

    I was born in 1938, so obviously, the Geiger child closest in age and , hence, activities, to me. We were playmates every weekend, both around the docks at Fleitz Brothers, at the Island, and close friends as teenagers. Fortunately for both of us, we are still standing and still friends in touch from time to time. About three years ago, we shared the pleasure of a tour down the Island cove by cove from the West End to Avalon on our boat Holiday, a Catalina-42 – your brother Richard and his wife were aboard, also. We spent a night in Big Geiger. (Sadly, the tour followed our spreading ashes of my father Paul and another very world-criuised sailor and friend Sigmund Baardsen.) We all loved our reunion in that place so special to all of us.

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