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S/V ‘Freedom Kirkland’ Finds New Hideout in Beautiful Baja

A year ago we shared a photo on Sailagram of Kirk and Char Wagner’s sailboat S/V Freedom Kirkland, anchored, somewhere. The photo prompted one reader to ask where the boat was located. We gave no hints and let readers give us their best guess. The answer was “on the beach in Puerto Balandra on Isla Carmen.”

Recently the Wagners sent us a photo of Freedom Kirkland, again anchored somewhere exotic. This time we are going to drop a hint. Yes, it is somewhere in Mexico! But we’re looking for specifics — the name of the location, and, if you can pinpoint it, the name of the anchorage.

S/V Freedom Kirkland
If you’ve sailed in the Sea of Cortez, you might recognize this beach.
© 2022 Kirk Wagner
S/V Freedom in Baja
Or, you might not be able to distinguish it from any of the many idyllic places to drop the hook.
© 2022 S/V Freedom Kirkland

The answer is out there, somewhere …

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Stuart Carlisle 2 years ago

    Isla San Francisco.

  2. Sandy Edmonson 2 years ago

    Santo Domingo.

  3. Pat McIntosh 2 years ago

    At first I thought Isla San Francisco, but I think from the hills in the background it is Punta Salina a bit north of Amortajada Lagoon, but it has to be from the west shore of Isla San Jose.

  4. Alain 2 years ago

    Santo Domingo at the entrance to B Conception

  5. Mike Reed 2 years ago

    Puerto Los Gatos

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