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Ask Not “Where’s Waldo?” Ask Instead “Where’s S/V ‘Freedom?”

At the bottom of Monday’s ‘Lectronic newsletter we included this photo from our February Sailagram album. The photo is of S/V Freedom and was submitted by Kirk and Char Wagner.

s/v Freedom
This is the photo as it appeared in the newsletter.
© 2021 Kirk and Char Wagner

George Hughes later sent us an email saying, “I’m curious where the folks (Kirk and Char Wagner on S/V Freedom) are in that wonderful photo this month. Where was the photo taken?”

So we thought we’d put it out to you, dear readers, to see what your best guess is.

Full disclosure: The photo above was cropped a little to fit into the newsletter, so to make it fair, below is the original as it appeared in Sailagram.

The extra foreground may not seem like much, but it could perhaps make all the difference for some discerning geographic experts … or not.
© 2021 Kirk and Char Wagner

What’s your best guess for this boat’s location? Drop your answer into the comments below.


  1. Chris Boome 3 years ago

    Sea of Cortez

  2. Sylvia Stompe 3 years ago

    Isla Partida?

  3. David Pressley 3 years ago

    Looks a bit like like Puerto Balandra on Isla de Carmen

    • geoffrey j breckner 3 years ago

      You know it.

  4. Robert Goldberg 3 years ago


  5. Susan Adams 3 years ago

    Isla del Espiritu Santo

  6. Brian Timpe 3 years ago

    South end of Isla Coronado (aka Smith Island), with the northern-most mangroves in the foreground. Didn’t know Kirk and Charlene were that far north already. I won’t be up around BLA for another month or so. Nice hiking area in that area, as I recall.

  7. Dean K 3 years ago

    Isla Danzante-ish, Baja California Sur

  8. Jim Coggan 3 years ago

    Honeymoon Cove, Isla Donzante, Sea of Cortez

    • randy fraser 3 years ago

      Nailed it. One of our favorites.

    • Jim 3 years ago

      Hi Monica

  9. Pat McIntosh 3 years ago

    That sure looks like the beach in Puerto Ballandra looking west, out the entrance to the Sea of Cortez and the town of Loreto someplace in the distance.

  10. Don Currie 3 years ago

    Puerto Balandra, Isla Carmen BCS

  11. Harrison Walls 3 years ago

    Espiritu Santo Sea of Cortez

  12. SkipperSteve 3 years ago

    I agree with Jim. Honeymoon Bay. Nice spot.

  13. Steve Bondelid 3 years ago

    Honeymoon, Isla Danzante. Across from Puerto Escondido.
    Last time we decided to go in there, the black flies attacked by the millions!!

  14. Bob Huntsman 3 years ago

    Bahia Concepción.

  15. Marlaina Pipal 3 years ago

    Channel Islands? CA

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