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Archive for August 2020
Historic Vessel Vega under sail

Return of Historic Sailing Vessel ‘Vega’

You may recall the story in the April, 2019, issue about the shipyard accident involving the historic working brigantine Vega. In a nutshell, during a routine haulout at a shipyard in Thailand, the carriage wheels on the marine railway collapsed and the 128-year-old wooden ship (built in 1892 in Norway as a Baltic and North Sea trader) rolled off and onto her port side.
Oakland Yacht Club

Free Webinar from Oakland Yacht Club

So you've bought a new boat. Now what? There are important decisions to be made in the first weeks, perhaps months. 
A ARS-85 cuts across the waves

Crash Boat ‘Intrepid’ Comes Home to the Bay

The San Francisco Bay area has many historic and treasured vessels of the World War II era: 'Jeremiah O'Brien' and 'Red Oak Victory', Potomac, and the submarine Pampanito. So when we received this story about the 1944 vessel 'Intrepid', we felt it was worth sharing with our sail-centric audience. 

KKMI Is Hiring

KKMI respects and appreciates the specialized skills needed for our industry and is willing to offer an attractive compensation package for the right person.