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Archive for January 2020

Diary of a Sailboat Charter Cook

At around 3 p.m. on December 30, 2019, I set sail for Mexico aboard the schooner Seaward. It was just over 24 hours before the end of the decade and the arrival of the ’20s, and I had signed up for a three-month-long role as charter cook. More »
Alerion 38 Another Girl

Corinthian Yacht Club Midwinters Were All Backward

It only happens in the winter, and that's part of the fun. Setting a spinnaker to head toward the Golden Gate is an unusual experience for many San Francisco Bay racers, but it was all part of a pretty idyllic first weekend of the Corinthian Yacht Club Midwinters.

Help Wanted at Passage Nautical

Passage Nautical is looking for an experienced sales professional to join our growing Yacht Dealership Company.

Corrosion Workshop at Spaulding Center

Malcolm Morgan is a longtime marine electrician, with particular expertise in corrosion issues as they apply to yachts and houseboats.