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Archive for January 2020

Diary of a Schooner Charter Cook, Part 3

On Saturday, January 4th, I watched as Seaward’s crew brought their vessel neatly to the dock at the Newport Sea Scout base in Southern California. We had been at sea for four days and five nights and were at the end of the first leg of our three-month-long chartering season. More »
Dogma in the fog

The Craziest Fiasco Yet

While straining to see anything in gray nothingness, a skipper who has 20+ years of Three Bridge Fiascos under his keel commented: "This is the craziest Fiasco ever!"

South Beach Yacht Club 2020 Race Season

South Beach YC offers some of Northern California's finest year-round racing, including our mid-winter and summer race series, regional races, and select regattas.

How Low Can You Go? Very, Says San Rafael

We don’t want to make too big of a deal about the completely normal seasonal tides ebbing and flowing into and out of our winter lives. But as we walk our beat through San Rafael, the bottom of the ebb is pretty dramatic-looking on a waterway that was only partially dredged in 2011, and hasn’t been fully dredged since 2002. More »

Lost Dog/Lost Spinnaker

This is Ace, he went missing from my Catalina 400. I'm trying to track down this spinnaker featuring my dog Ace for sentimental reasons. It was sold with my boat back in the 1900s.