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The most convenient location to the Ha-Ha nexus in San Diego — meaning Marine Exchange, Downwind Marine, West Marine, the Brigantine, Fiddler’s Green, the fuel dock, Pt.
Singlehander Paul Lim hasn’t been seen since August 1. Watercolour
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Canadian singlehander Paul Lim reportedly set sail from Hilo, HI, on August 1, intending to sail north above the Pacific High, then east to Victoria, BC, aboard his Spencer 35 sloop Watercolour — a passage of roughly 2,500 miles. He is now long overdue.
Fall brings with it a flurry of races for women. Some are women-only, others are for women skippers with coed crew, and one just requires that half the people onboard be women.
There is always plenty of room to anchor at Turtle Bay, home of the famous Ha-Ha Beach Party and Cruiser-versus-TB kids ‘baseball’ game.  Richard
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC As of today, the 23rd Baja Ha-Ha has already received 179 paid entries, which at this point makes it the fifth-highest number ever.
Over the years we’ve been heartened to meet many families cruising with school-age kids who are home-schooled aboard while experiencing different cultures firsthand.
If you missed the award-winning film The Weekend Sailor when it debuted in San Francisco in March, you’ll get a second chance to watch in a theater next month.
San Miguel Island is a lonely place that sees few recreational boaters. When conditions there got dicey yesterday, this singlehander’s only chance of help was activating his EPIRB.
A while back we did a shout-out to young sailors within our readership to learn how they enjoy the sport of sailing, how they got into it, and how they like the content of Latitude 38.
The American Sonar team won silver in Rio. © World Sailing We took a little break from reporting on the Paralympics to cover the Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco, but we couldn’t let another day go by without acknowledging the accomplishments of the Americans who competed last week in Rio.
Our Pacific Puddle Jump Recap article in the current (September) issue of Latitude 38 has prompted a number of Tahiti-bound cruisers to ask "When can I sign up for the 2017 Jump?" The short answer is, sometime in late October or early November at the official PPJ website.
After being held captive for nearly a year by Philippine militants, Norwegian sailor and business manager Kjartan Sekkingstad was released Saturday, much to the relief of family and friends.
In the choppy, gusty conditions yesterday on the Rolex Big Boat Series Alcatraz course, both Marstrom 32 catamarans dismasted.
Volunteers clean up an East Bay wetland. It’s a great feeling to be part of this massive annual effort.  © Just as the sport of sailing requires harnessing the power of the wind, those who take part in it can’t help but become acutely aware of their natural surroundings.
What’s the secret to catching awesome sunrise shots like this one? It helps to have a telephoto lens, but most importantly, you need to throw off your docklines and head south.
Last week we published a shout-out to young sailors in an effort to learn about their sailing habits, how they got started, and how we can do a better job of entertaining them in the pages of Latitude 38.  After our previous shout out, Santa Cruz sailor Hilary Walecka wrote in to tell us about our colorful sailing history.
Paralympic sailors are just like us — they mill about as the ‘cat in the hat’ flies from the startline boat, indicating a postponement.
Petra Svehlove, one of the crew on Profligate, leads the 95 Ta-Ta participants in the conga line of life, a Ta-Ta tradition, before dinner at the Santa Barbara YC.  latitude/Richard
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you’re going to kick off a weeklong cruising event in Southern California with a dinner, could there be a better place than on the beach directly below the Santa Barbara YC?
The Japanese and Swedish teams sailed within inches of each other at Toulon, France, this weekend — we presume this edgy shot was taken during prestart maneuvers.
About that expired-flare collection drive we announced recently. . . Enough already! You may recall we requested that recently expired marine flares of all types be dropped off at our Mill Valley offices, explaining that they would be used in Mexico by prospective boat captains during training classes.  We want to thank the many Latitude readers who dropped off flares with recent use-by dates, as requested.
Although they learned to sail in different countries, with different sailing conditions, the young crews of (left to right) Orkestern, Hydroquest and Ninita all had dreams of bluewater cruising, and worked hard to convert those fantasies to reality.
A number of boats were sunk and destroyed, and many more damaged, as hurricane and then tropical storm Newton hit southern Baja and moved on over toward San Carlos/Guaymas between Tuesday and Wednesday.
There was some hurricane Newton damage to the palapas at Medano Beach at Cabo, but nothing serious.  Baja Cantina
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC Two of the five crew aboard a Mexican shrimp boat in the Sea of Cortez reportedly died after the vessel they were on capsized during the height of hurricane Newton early on Tuesday morning.
Boating activities of all sorts increase on any holiday weekend, so we’d expect the tally of rescues to increase proportionally.
As noted in the ad below, tonight is the night when southbound skippers can mix and mingle with potential crew at Latitude 38‘s Mexico-Only Crew List Party.
A fantasy image constructed in Photoshop? No, while somewhat distorted by a fisheye lens, this geographical anomaly is 100% real.  latitude/Richard
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC The Marieta Islands National Park, which includes La Playa del Amor — aka Hidden Beach aka Beach of Love — and is located at the mouth of Banderas Bay some 12 miles from Puerto Vallarta, has reopened.
The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will be held on September 7-18, with sailing on September 11-17 on Guanabara Bay.