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Archive for September 2016

SSS Race to Half Moon Bay

The SSS Half Moon Bay Race started on a light easterly, with many sailors hoisting spinnakers right off the line, on Saturday, September 24. © Sergei Zavarin Thanks to a substantial ebb, the Singlehanded Sailing Society’s Half Moon Bay Race got underway on time on a negligible easterly last Saturday. More »

Eight Bells for Jim Kilroy

Wearing a classic red Team Kialoa shirt, Gentleman Jim stands at the wheel of Kialoa V, near the end of his active racing career. © 2016 Phil Uhl One of the true titans of competitive sailing passed over the bar yesterday: ‘Gentleman Jim’ Kilroy was 94. More »

There Is a Fine Line

There is a fine line between stupidity and genius. We’ll let you decide where to draw the line on these custom engine mounts. Ever done anything similar on your boat? (Email Richard.)  More »

Canadian Singlehander Long Overdue

Singlehander Paul Lim hasn’t been seen since August 1. Watercolour
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Canadian singlehander Paul Lim reportedly set sail from Hilo, HI, on August 1, intending to sail north above the Pacific High, then east to Victoria, BC, aboard his Spencer 35 sloop Watercolour — a passage of roughly 2,500 miles. He More »

Women’s Racing Preview

Fall brings with it a flurry of races for women. Some are women-only, others are for women skippers with coed crew, and one just requires that half the people onboard be women. More »

Additions and Clarifications

The most convenient location to the Ha-Ha nexus in San Diego — meaning Marine Exchange, Downwind Marine, West Marine, the Brigantine, Fiddler’s Green, the fuel dock, Pt. Loma Seafood, the San Diego YC, and all the rest — is Intrepid Landing Marina. More »

Will There Be Room for the Ha-Ha Fleet?

There is always plenty of room to anchor at Turtle Bay, home of the famous Ha-Ha Beach Party and Cruiser-versus-TB kids ‘baseball’ game.  Richard
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC As of today, the 23rd Baja Ha-Ha has already received 179 paid entries, which at this point makes it the fifth-highest number ever. More »

Homeschooling While Cruising

Over the years we’ve been heartened to meet many families cruising with school-age kids who are home-schooled aboard while experiencing different cultures firsthand. And we know that when those kids return to regular classrooms ashore, many of them test higher than the majority of their peers. More »

‘The Weekend Sailor’ Returns

If you missed the award-winning film The Weekend Sailor when it debuted in San Francisco in March, you’ll get a second chance to watch in a theater next month. The 107-year-old Roxie Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District will host an encore on Wednesday, October 19, at 7 p.m. More »