Canadian Singlehander Long Overdue

Singlehander Paul Lim hasn’t been seen since August 1.

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Canadian singlehander Paul Lim reportedly set sail from Hilo, HI, on August 1, intending to sail north above the Pacific High, then east to Victoria, BC, aboard his Spencer 35 sloop Watercolour — a passage of roughly 2,500 miles. He is now long overdue.

The US Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) at Alameda has requested our assistance in spreading the word to mariners along Lim’s route to look out for him, and report in if they see the vessel or make radio contact.

The Spencer 35 Watercolour, as seen in April. 

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Since concerned family members contacted the USCG last week, Guardsmen have reportedly questioned dozens of commercial vessels along Lim’s route and are currently broadcasting to all mariners along the Pacific Coast including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition, a long-range C-130 aircraft was dispatched last Thursday from Air Station Barbers Point in Honolulu to search for Watercolour in a vast area between Hilo and Victoria, but had no success. Canadian Coast Guard assets are also involved in the search. 

The 35-ft vessel is described as having a white hull and sails, and a hard dodger with solar panels. Lim was said to have been towing a nine-foot pink dinghy behind Watercolour when she departed Hilo.

The USCG has gone to great lengths to locate the Canadian singlehander, including an extensive search by a C-130 aircraft along his theoretical route.

RCC Alameda
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If you have info on the whereabouts of Lim or Watercolour call RCC Alameda at (510) 437-3701.

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