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Archive for July 2016

Golden Globe Redux

Have you ever considered reliving the experiences of history’s most famous trailblazers? You know, crossing the plains in a covered wagon; maybe sluicing down the Colorado River on rickety boats à la John Wesley Powell; or climbing Everest alongside the ghost of George Mallory — using only the tools and skills those intrepid pioneers had available back then? More »

Record Falls in Vic-Maui

The TP52 Valkyrie finished the Vic-Maui Race in record time yesterday in the late afternoon. © Vic-Maui Race It wasn’t a record year for the Singlehanded TransPac, which started a week or more earlier than the Pac Cup and the Vic-Maui, but it sure was for the latter two Hawaii races. More »

Join Us for Some Prime SoCal Cruising

If you’d love to use your boat for something more ambitious than a Central Bay daysail but aren’t ready to enter the cruising lifestyle full-time, we’ve got the perfect solution: Join us on the fourth annual SoCal Ta-Ta rally, a weeklong, one-directional cruising rally from Santa Barbara to Catalina Island. More »

More Solo TransPac’ers Blow In

Mike Jefferson sails the biggest boat in the fleet, the Garcia Passoa 47 Mouton Noir, into the Hanalei Bay anchorage after completing the Singlehanded TransPac race from San Francisco Bay. © Kristen Soetebier Seven more solo sailors are enjoying the sun and surf in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. More »

Pac Cup’ers on Record-Setting Pace

Woohoo! We’re havin’ some fun now. Charles Devanneaux of the Beneteau First 30 Sailing For ALS (currently second in DH2) somehow found the time to upload a few photos to give his followers a hint of the wild ride he’s having: barefoot and blasting downwind with a rooster tail behind. More »

Big Winds Push Pac Cup Fleet

"We’re all wondering when the sun is going to come out. It’s been cloudy and overcast for days and nights now," wrote the crew of the Allied Mistress 40 ketch — ironically named Shadowside — in their Pacific Cup blog this morning. More »

It’s a Small Sailing World

The Aussie family plans on doing ‘six and six’. What do they do to earn money? They sell popsicles at events around Adelaide, Australia. Really. latitude/Richard
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC The Wanderer stopped to chat with an Aussie guy in the Arsenal Marina with a Fisher 28 catamaran that he and his wife had just bought — sight unseen — in Strasbourg, France. More »

Solo Racers Sail into Hanalei Bay

 Finishing in the rain, Jirí Šenkyrík circles his Olson 30 Kato around to meet the shore boat after finishing the Singlehanded TransPac. Born in the Czech Republic, Jirí flew the Czech flag at the start and finish. More »