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Pac Cup’ers on Record-Setting Pace

Woohoo! We’re havin’ some fun now. Charles Devanneaux of the Beneteau First 30 Sailing For ALS (currently second in DH2) somehow found the time to upload a few photos to give his followers a hint of the wild ride he’s having: barefoot and blasting downwind with a rooster tail behind.

© 2016 Sailing for ALS

With strong winds continuing to send the Pac Cup fleet right down the pipe toward the finish line at Kaneohe, two boats — at the extremes of the size spectrum — are on pace to set new records.

Mark English’s ¡Mas!, one of two Moore 24s in the fleet, is currently the corrected-time leader of the fleet as well as of Doublehanded 1 Division, and she may break the long-standing Moore 24 record of 11d, 9h, 48m, set back in 1998. Meanwhile, the biggest gun at this rodeo, Manouch Moshayedi’s Super Maxi Rio100, is gunning for the course record of 5d, 5h, 38m, set by Mari Cha IV. Now with less than 100 miles to go, she could do it if conditions hold. Roy Pat Disney’s Andrews 70 Pyewacket currently leads the big guns on corrected time. 

The Yellow Brick tracker is now in real time, and as you can see, this year’s Pac Cup features a straight-line sprint to the finish. 

© Courtesy YBT Tracking

As Pac Cup race fans know, when the fleet’s (real-time) front-runner comes within 200 miles of the finish, the tracking imagery on the official Pac Cup site gives positions in real time (rather than with the previous six-hour delay). That happened last night as Hill Blackett’s Antrim Class 40 California Condor (currently third in DH 2), entered the 200-mile zone. So, at the risk of your getting nothing else done in the coming days, we’d highly encourage you to check out the fleet’s progress in real time. This being a pursuit race, many boats will be converging within the final 200 miles. 

According to Moore 24 class president Karl Robrock, who took first in division and PHRF in 2014, "Mark and Ian [Rogers] have been preparing for over two years for the Pac Cup. They took the Moore 24 to new places, experimenting with new sail designs and ultimately a couple of different asymmetrical kites… Everything they’ve worked tirelessly for, combined with really great conditions and expert navigation, looks to be paying off." And if you’ve ever sailed a Moore in the open ocean, you know they’ve had a wild ride. 

Look for much more on the current status of the fleet here, and be sure to check out our Pac Cup feature in the August issue of Latitude 38 magazine. 

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