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More Solo TransPac’ers Blow In

Mike Jefferson sails the biggest boat in the fleet, the Garcia Passoa 47 Mouton Noir, into the Hanalei Bay anchorage after completing the Singlehanded TransPac race from San Francisco Bay.

© Kristen Soetebier

Seven more solo sailors are enjoying the sun and surf in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Three boats arrived on Monday — Mouton Noir, Althea and Dolphin — their skippers quite relieved to have completed the Singlehanded TransPac. Tuesday saw the arrival of Fast Lane, which had been running in the slow lane after a jib problem caused skipper Barry Bristol to have to rely on his storm trysail. The wind Tuesday morning was nonexistent, making it difficult to get into the sheltered bay after the passing of a low pressure system (remnants of Hurricane Celia) dumped pouring rain and squalls on Monday’s finishers.

Despite the light air, Barry Bristol’s Capri 30 Fast Lane finished the race under storm trysail.

© Kristen Soetebier

The lone female racer in the 23-boat fleet, Margie Woods on Haunani, had the wind spirits with her, for as soon as Fast Lane inched across the line, the wind picked up and Haunani streamed in 25 minutes later. This was just enough time for the race committee to rush out to greet her on the shore boat.

Margie Woods, the only female skipper in the race, was joyous after finishing aboard her Catalina 34 Haunani.

© Kristen Soetebier

The wind continued through the afternoon, aiding the finishes of two of the four Westsails. It also contributed to some anchor dragging, and a few interventions were required, making this an exciting day all around, including the rescue by the race chair, Brian Boschma, of a paddle-boarder apparently suffering a heart attack. Brian towed the boarder into shore and the paramedics arrived to treat him. As is typical, the evening tradition of ‘Tree Time’ at Pavilion Beach Park is alive and well, with racers and loved ones gathering to ‘talk story’ about the race, life in general, and where to get a VHF charger. On Monday, due to the rain, ‘Tree’ moved to RC Headquarters, located in a house just across the street.

Gary Burton finished the race yesterday on his Westsail 32 Elizabeth Ann. The four Westsails have the only ‘one-design’ division, and they are the subject of a documentary in production. 

© Kristen Soetebier

Jacqueline snuck in 20 minutes before Tortuga in the wee hours this morning. Only two boats are left on the course. Owl is due in later today. We have heard that Lee Perry on the Westsail 32 Patience has suffered mainsail damage, and will likely be last to arrive, possibly on Friday. Owl has a damaged windvane. These last few boats were lucky enough to endure the remnant swell from Celia as it passed just north of Kauai.

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  1. Wim Bakker 1 year ago

    Looking for contact info on Michael Jefferson (Mouton Noir)

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