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It’s a Small Sailing World

The Aussie family plans on doing ‘six and six’. What do they do to earn money? They sell popsicles at events around Adelaide, Australia. Really.

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The Wanderer stopped to chat with an Aussie guy in the Arsenal Marina with a Fisher 28 catamaran that he and his wife had just bought — sight unseen — in Strasbourg, France. Which is about as far from the ocean as you can get in France.

In time it came out that the Wanderer was the publisher of Latitude 38.

"I know Latitude 38," he surprised us by saying. "I used to have a lot of the issues. I sailed from Hawaii to California in 1977 [the year Latitude started], and was on the boat that won the Master Mariners Regatta."

The Aussie and his wife and son have bought the Fisher cat to live on while they search for an oceangoing cat. "I’d like to find a nice Leopard 45," he says.

Anyway, it’s an interesting story, but we can’t tell you about it until the September 1 issue.

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 Finishing in the rain, Jirí Šenkyrík circles his Olson 30 Kato around to meet the shore boat after finishing the Singlehanded TransPac.
"We’re all wondering when the sun is going to come out. It’s been cloudy and overcast for days and nights now," wrote the crew of the Allied Mistress 40 ketch — ironically named Shadowside — in their Pacific Cup blog this morning.