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Archive for March 2011

Ad: Weta Tris at Strictly Sail

Visit us at Strictly Sail Pacific, April 14-17 Ask about spring promotions Dealers in San Francisco, Southern California & the Pacific Northwest Active racing fleet More »
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Amazing Vid of the Day

This is a bit off our normal beat, but the video below (from Australia’s Channel 7 News) is so eye-popping we had to share it with you. As they say at the circus, "Please don’t try this at home." More »

The Inflatable Alternative

Lots of sailors like to surf. One of the big problems they have is that surfboards are pretty large and most cruising sailboats are relatively small. In addition, it can be difficult getting boards off and on boats without banging them, resulting in dings in the fiberglass boards. More »

Sailing Voyeurs Delight

Think it would be fun to be 50 feet away as a 180-ft Herreshoff schooner, such as Elena, rips by at 16 knots? It is. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. More »

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San Diego Accident Update

The deaths of Jun Chen, 44, and his father, Chao Chen, 73, in a tragic sailing accident Sunday afternoon in San Diego Harbor has raised questions about the wisdom of taking 10 people — eight adults and two children, one of whom was autistic — out on a MacGregor 26. More »

Chinese Team Joins the Cup Fray

During AC 32, China Team consisted of a bunch of Frenchmen. For AC 34, the bulk of the crew will actually be Chinese. © 2011 China Team The country that gave the world the fully-battened mainsail will be joining the modern Cup era for another go. More »

Ad: Westwind Yacht Care

Spring project you’ve been wanting to do? latitude/Andy
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"I was up at the boat yesterday and have to say it was immaculate. More »
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Two Dead in San Diego Capsizing

Two men are dead and eight people injured after the 25-ft sailboat they had rented capsized in San Diego Harbor around 5 p.m. yesterday. Details are sketchy as the investigation is ongoing, but Maguerite Elicone from the San Diego Port Authority confirms that a number of the people aboard the sailboat were family. More »

Racing Forecast

The Island YC’s Doublehanded Lightship gets going tomorrow, and although the weatherman is calling for rain, he’s also calling for 15 to 25 knots of breeze from the southwest! That should make for a romper-stomper of a race, especially with the 5.5-ft swing and the trip to the Light Bucket coinciding with the meat of the morning’s ebb. More »