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Two Dead in San Diego Capsizing

Two men are dead and eight people injured after the 25-ft sailboat they had rented capsized in San Diego Harbor around 5 p.m. yesterday. Details are sketchy as the investigation is ongoing, but Maguerite Elicone from the San Diego Port Authority confirms that a number of the people aboard the sailboat were family. "It happened at Buoy 20, about a half-mile from the Shelter Island boat dock," said Elicone. "The Harbor Police were on-scene within five minutes." They as well as a number of good samaritans pulled the 10 people out of the water, though the Coast Guard searched by boat and helo for another hour until translators confirmed that everyone aboard — none of whom apparently spoke English — had been accounted for.

The cause of death for both men, who were reported to be in their 50s or 60s, is unknown at this time. There is also no word on how the boat capsized — the weather and sea state were very mild. The Harbor Police will hold a press conference later today to report on their investigation.

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As reported earlier, members of the Central and South American cruising community have been closely following developments related to the disappearance of American sailor Don North in Panama’s San Blas Islands.