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Chinese Team Joins the Cup Fray

During AC 32, China Team consisted of a bunch of Frenchmen. For AC 34, the bulk of the crew will actually be Chinese.

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The country that gave the world the fully-battened mainsail will be joining the modern Cup era for another go. China Team announced today that it will be back in the mix for the 34th America’s Cup, after debuting in Valencia for AC32. But unlike that effort, which was staffed entirely by French sailors — including Bay Area sailmaker Sylvain Barielle — team chairman Wang Chao Yong said that this effort will be feature mainly Chinese sailors on a boat built in China with design input from the country’s universities.

“This America’s Cup will feature the best sailors on the fastest boats, so we’re very happy to be part of this adventure with China Team, a boat which will truly represent China, as most sailors will be Chinese," Wang said.

CEO duties will go to Frenchman Thiery Barot who will be charged with recruiting a large coaching staff to train the team.

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