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Archive for August 2010

The Cruising Diet

When you see somebody with a big cat, you assume he/she has a lot of money. But as Gary Burgin of the Capitola-based Marples 55 catamaran Crystal Blue Persuasion can tell you, that’s not necessarily true. More »

Hurricane Earl Approaches

Hurricane Earl is giving the British Virgin Islands the evil eye. NOAA
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC "The eye of Earl will pass near or over the northernmost Virgin Islands this afternoon and this evening," NOAA reported this morning. More »

The Danger of Dinghies

Before going cruising, most sailors put a lot of thought into safety. For example, what they will do to prevent getting hit by a ship, how they will pick up somebody who has fallen overboard, or how they will respond to water inexplicably coming into the hull. More »
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Solo Sailor Tells His Tale

In a follow-up to Wednesday’s report of a solo sailor being rescued 55 miles off Fort Bragg on Sunday, we spoke with the skipper of the Catalina 27 Amica, John Innes from Vancouver, B.C., More »

Talking ‘Bout Venezuela

Tales of having our boats in Venezuela was one of the topics of conversation when we had a great dinner aboard Serendipity, Barritt Neal and Renee Blaul’s Peterson 44 at the Pacific Corinthian YC in Oxnard the other night. More »
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How Much Do You Wanna Bet . . .

That the match for the 34th America’s Cup will be sailed on San Francsico Bay? In the wake of yesterday’s news that the City would not seek a one-time exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act for the infrastructure improvements necessary for a Cup village, we are all but certain that the next Cup match will be held in Europe. More »

Lessons Learned on the Path to Polynesia

Catching and boating this shark in mid-ocean brought out the animal in Argentinian Estaban Font of the Florida-based Morgan 38 Puerto Seguro. © 2010 Maria Font Whether you set sail for French Polynesia from Mexico, Panama, the Galapagos, or elsewhere, crossing the Pacific in a sailboat is no small feat. More »

Hurricane Season

If you have a boat in the Caribbean or the Gulf or East Coasts of the United States, now is the time to be concerned about hurricanes. While hurricanes are possible from June until late November, the most and the worst of them occur in the months of September and October. More »
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Did Texting Cause Accident?

The National Transportation Safety Board recently revealed that an unspecified number of crewmembers aboard the Coast Guard vessel that collided with a small boat in San Diego Harbor on December 20 were either texting or talking on their cell phones. More »