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Wishing for a Bigger Boat

"All the Photoshopping allegations that were tossed at Ethan Smith’s pargo fish awhile back reminded me of the attached photo," writes Dennis Olson who sails his Laser Beastie out of Tomales Bay. "A fish that wasn’t caught, only sighted, in Tomales Bay.

Is it real or is it Photoshop? Dennis Olson claims this photo of a shark cruising Tomales Bay is real.

© Dennis Olson

"Shot from my Laser off the East Shore between Marshall Boat Works and Tony’s Restaurant in the early ’90’s, the only digital ‘fingerprint’ on this photo is the fact it was scanned from an original slide (this was prior to me owning a digital camera). I put this up on a Laser forum some time ago and was amused at how many skeptics responded with technical ‘proofs’ and reasoning that it was Photoshopped. I swear it’s not. Do I know for sure it’s a shark? It sure looks like one. I’ve been sailing Tomales Bay on my Laser for 27 years, and that’s the only fin I’ve seen like it."

We don’t know about Dennis but if a fish that big was swimming around us, we’d rather be on the boat in the background than on a Laser.

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  1. B Rozett 3 years ago

    This is right next to my mooring, the boat in the background is Blackfin, another Rawson 30 that was sold
    years ago. WOW!

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