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Archive for July 2010

Determination Gets It Done

Some sailors merely dream about crewing in exotic destinations; others, like Kat Gartin and Brian Morrison are more proactive — a lot more proactive. When we bumped into them last month on the Tahitian island of Moorea, they told us how, after a year and a half of false starts and misadventures afloat, they finally found a great ride to this sun-kissed tropical Shangri-La. More »

Last Chance to Do the Deux

The 2nd Annual Delta Doo Dah is fast approaching — the event runs July 31-August 6, with the Kickoff Party the evening of July 30 at Tradewinds Sailing in Marina Bay Yacht Harbor — and considering the overcast and chilly temps we’ve been seeing on the Bay over the last few days, a week of sun and fun in the Delta looks mighty appealing right about now. More »

Whale Breaching Under Investigation

A Southern Right Whale administers a smack down on the steel-hulled, 32-ft Barens Seatrader Intrepid off Cape Town. © 2010 James K. Dagmore Photos of the 32-ft Barens Seatrader Intrepid being on the receiving end of a Southern Right Whale’s best impression of a pile driver have gone viral over the last couple days; but curious sailors and a massive non-sailing audience aren’t the only people paying attention. More »

Tonga Regatta Builds Momentum

Most cruisers will tell you that they relish quiet moments in secluded anchorages and savor the solitude of being alone on a vast ocean. But most also love to socialize with like-minded sailors once in a while. More »
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Viral Videos

Debunking all the Photoshop theories floating around about the whale-sailboat collision in the above story, CBS has acquired actual video of the incident. That amazing video reminded us that we’ve watched a number of very cool videos recently, so we thought we’d show you a handful. More »

Testosterone Returns to World Record Sailing

With the flurry of attention over teenage girl circumnavigators having at least temporarily subsided, we’re thrilled to note the successful completion of a very ‘manly’ round-about. Yesterday, 39-year-old French/Italian geologist Alessandro di Benedetto sailed Findomestic back into Les Sables D’Olonne Harbor after a nonstop circumnavigation that took 268 days, 19 hours and 36 minutes. More »

Easter Seals Day on the Bay

There are some rewards you just can’t win on the race course, but are available to everyone who sails the Bay. Beyond the regular activities of running races, organizing cruises and connecting folks in the general revelry surrounding sailing, most yacht clubs also find other ways of giving back to their local community. More »

Unclear on the Concept

For whatever reason, frugality and boating often seem to go together. In fact it’s a rare mariner who isn’t constantly looking for a better price on supplies or a cheaper way to accomplish regular maintenance tasks. More »

The Oddest Odds

Don’t look now, but Paddy Power, Ireland’s largest bookmaker, recently took civilization another circle closer to the drain by offering odds on which Gulf of Mexico species will be the first to go extinct due to the big oil spill. More »

Man’s Best Trimmer

Bryan and Jennifer Saulsbury often sail their Glen Cove-based Cal 2-27 Boris on the Carquinez Straits, but frequently take longer trips to China Camp, Petaluma and Angel Island. Barley strikes his pose on the windward side and enjoys the ride. More »