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Archive for July 2010

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

“Trim that sheet, you scurvy dog!” Peaches ‘mans’ her post. © 2010 Randi Harry When we posted the story about Bryan and Jennifer Saulsbury’s Portuguese water dog Barley, we had no idea emotions on the topic would run so high. More »

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Free Ground Shipping On Select Gill Sailing Wear
Click the photo for great deals on outerwear © Go2Marine Gill, Grundens, Guy Cotten and Dutch Harbor manufacture clothing that can be used for sailing the Bay, watching whales in Whittier, Alaska or while crossing the Atlantic for a race. More »

Delta Doo Dah Deux to Decamp

The blue dots in the wall of fog off Sausalito are ships. Time to fire up the AIS! © 2010 Hi-Def San Francisco If you’re wondering what that grey box is up there, it’s an image taken from a high-definition web cam mounted in the Sausalito hills overlooking the Bay. More »

New Girl in Town

Seemed like everyone in Sausalito wanted to meet the new girl in town. © John Skoriak If someone had asked Sausalito yacht skipper Paul Dines to find a well-built traditional sailing schooner, survey her, purchase her, haul and ship her from Miami to Ensenada, offload her, sail her to Sausalito, and insure that she would pass a Coast Guard inspection — all within 60 days — he would have said it was impossible. More »

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Kerry Reconsiders

After a hurricane of public outrage, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has decided that he will pay $450,000 in sales tax to the state of Massachusetts following the purchase of his $7 million Ted Fontaine-designed 76-ft sailing yacht Isabel. More »

Shadow’s Lessons Learned

Peter Stoneberg, Shadow‘s owner, got back to us on Monday evening with a wrap-up and some lessons learned from his and his crew’s capsizing on Sunday afternoon following the YRA’s second-half opener. More »

Determination Gets It Done

Some sailors merely dream about crewing in exotic destinations; others, like Kat Gartin and Brian Morrison are more proactive — a lot more proactive. When we bumped into them last month on the Tahitian island of Moorea, they told us how, after a year and a half of false starts and misadventures afloat, they finally found a great ride to this sun-kissed tropical Shangri-La. More »

Close Encounter of the Cetacean Kind

Tim Sell reports having seen hundreds of orcas in Alaska and B.C., but none played with him like this one did off Pt. Arena. © 2010 Tim Sell Sausalito sailor Tim Sell has kept his Brent Swain 36 Lucky Star in Southeast Alaska for the last three years, spending the summers exploring that state’s spectacular waterways while wintering in Sausalito. More »