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Unclear on the Concept

For whatever reason, frugality and boating often seem to go together. In fact it’s a rare mariner who isn’t constantly looking for a better price on supplies or a cheaper way to accomplish regular maintenance tasks. But some boaters seem to make a sport out of economizing.

Nothing unusual about this shot, right? Just some guy getting ready to go sailing.

latitude/John A.
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Take, for example, this sailor spotted while we were sailing down the Petaluma River a while back. At first glance it appeared he was simply prepping his boat for launching. But when we looked a little closer. . .

Wait a minute. Can that possibly be legal? Perhaps it comes under the heading of putting tax dollars to a secondary use.

latitude/John A.
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

. . . we realized the guy was apparently intending to raise his mast using a block and tackle that was rigged to the Highway 37 bridge overhead. Although he was undoubtedly breaking a law or two, we have to applaud his ingenuity, and we’d sure like to know if he pulled it off. But, having once gotten a hefty fine for simply parking too long in that lot, we fear this frugal sailor’s plan may have been quashed long before he got his sloop rigged and launched. Anybody know the answer? See the story in our August 2010 issue


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