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Determination Gets It Done

Some sailors merely dream about crewing in exotic destinations; others, like Kat Gartin and Brian Morrison are more proactive — a lot more proactive. When we bumped into them last month on the Tahitian island of Moorea, they told us how, after a year and a half of false starts and misadventures afloat, they finally found a great ride to this sun-kissed tropical Shangri-La.

After many false starts and frustrations, Kat and Brian finally made it to ‘paradise’.

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Anyone with a lesser reserve of fortitude would have given up long ago. As you’ll read in the Sightings section of the August Latitude 38, this tenacious duo endured false promises, fickle boat owners, electrical chaos, a boat sinking, an anchor rode parting in a gale, and more.

But, as you might imagine, now that they’ve finally made it to the dream-like lagoons of Polynesia, life is sweet. And the trials and tribulations they had to endure to get here are quickly becoming faded memories. Read all about them when the magazine comes out July 30 (download it for free on the 31st).

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