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Sailing in the Times of Pandemic

While the current health drama unfolds we’ll do our best to keep this page up to date with news that we feel impacts our readers. Disclaimer: There is no way for it to be comprehensive or completely up to date but we’ll do our best to keep it helpful and as current as possible. If you have news you think we should post email it to We’ll do our best to include given time and resource constraints.

Please heed official guidance and we also feel the advice of the president of French Polynesia is good for all of us: “I invite you all to the utmost rigor in your behavior. Avoid contact, limit travel to what is strictly necessary. Be responsible citizens to prevent the virus from spreading.” Edouard FRITCH, President of French Polynesia.

Latest News and Information

Sea Chanteys Go Digital

By Christine Weaver | January 20, 2021 |
Young sailors with accordion in old-time photo

Sea chanteys are no longer just for the old salts. The brave new world of doing everything virtually has brought them to Gen Z.

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More Changes to the Yacht Race Schedule

By Christine Weaver | January 15, 2021 |
spinnakers on the Estuary

The regional conditions and shelter-in-place requirement means that race committee boats and competitor boats must be from the same household.

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Finding Peace in Random Acts of Sailing

By John Arndt | January 13, 2021 |
San Francisco Bay sailing

Freedom and escape from the chaos ashore are two of the most alluring reasons to sail on the Bay. If you escaped this weekend, send us some pics!

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Three Bridge Fiasco and Corinthian Midwinters Adjust

By Christine Weaver | January 11, 2021 |
Salty Hotel and Mudshark in the fog

The SSS board has decided to change the upcoming Three Bridge Fiasco race to Singlehanded only and will not have a Doublehanded division.

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Proving You Can Still Have Fun Sailing in Light Air

By Monica Grant | January 8, 2021 |

Dustin (Dusty) Adams’ photos of his Thanksgiving sail around around Moss Landing are proof that you can have fun sailing in light air.

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Organizers Scramble for This Weekend’s Races

By Christine Weaver | January 8, 2021 |
Kangaroo Jockey

As Bay Area (and beyond) stay-at-home orders continue (indefinitely for now), regatta organizers have scrambled to adjust.

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Pacific Puddle Jump 2021 to French Polynesia Is on Hold

By John Arndt | January 6, 2021 |
Arriving in Tahiti

Cruisers are on hold up and down the west coast of the Americas as they wait for the South Pacific island nations to reopen.

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R2AK 2021 Morphs into WA360

By Christine Weaver | January 6, 2021 |
Envolee, San Francisco

We’re running a race in 2021, and it’s called WA360.

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Chile Welcomes California Sailor Whitall Stokes

By Christine Weaver | January 6, 2021 |
Puerto Williams panorama

Although stopped and resting, Sparrow’s and Whitall Stokes’ adventure continues from shore rather than at sea.

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Sailing into the New Year ‘Round the Island

By Monica Grant | January 4, 2021 |
Ros de Vries

Every year on New Year’s Day, San Francisco’s boating community converges on the Alameda Estuary for ‘Round the Island — a semi-organized parade of watercraft that includes sailboats and powerboats and rowboats.

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3/23/20 Denison Yachts will be holding a live, virtual boat show on Friday, March 27th. Learn more here.

3/20/20 Call of the Sea announces suspension of school programs and upcoming charter programs. More here.

3/20/20 West Marine will remain open on a limited schedule. Read details here.

3/19/20 Treasure Island Sailing Center is closed until April 7th. Full details here.

3/19/20 Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show is canceled. Sail America developing some supplemental, virtual alternatives. More to follow.

3/18/20 KKMI reports they are operating under restricted conditions. To learn more read here:

3/18/20 OCSC Sailing and Modern Sailing are closed until April 7th.