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You Can’t Mask the Pleasure of Sailing

Sailing is one of life’s greatest pleasures — don’t let something as simple as a mask stop you from doing what you love. Modern Sailing School & Club in Sausalito sent us photos of some of their staff, club members and students embracing pandemic regulations so they could spend a day on the water. Although the regulations mean you can’t go sailing with just anybody, the upside is that with fewer people on board students get more individual instruction.

Ready at the mast.
These three sailors look ready at the mask — oops, we mean “mast.” Left to right: Students Grant and Miranda prepare to take the ASA 101-103 Combination course with head instructor Capt. Bill Moreland. Grant and Miranda have been sailing almost every week since passing their ASA 103 with flying colors.
© 2020 Modern Sailing School & Club
Masked and ready to board
Senior instructor Capt. Stephen Spoja (far right) prepares to sail with students Carli and Mark, who plan to cruise the Caribbean as soon as it is safe to do so.
© 2020 Modern Sailing School & Club
David, Maggie and family at the helm.
David and Maggie took advantage of Modern Sailing’s full-day charter-only policy to take their family ‘bubble’ sailing on a Monday.
© 2020 Modern Sailing School & Club

The crew at Modern Sailing have been busy during these COVID times and are excited for the upcoming launch of their new webinar series, “Prepare to Take the Helm.” The three-lesson series has been created by the club’s team of instructors and will cover sailing and destinations across the entire Bay Area. You can find more information here:

Elsewhere in the Bay, youths who are participating in sailing summer camps have also been embracing the masks and participating within social bubbles.

St. Francis Yacht Club has restructured its usual summer camps and is now running two three-week ‘pods.’

“All briefings are being done outside and everyone has been wearing masks and washing hands regularly. So far it is going great and we are excited to get kids back out on the water!” says StFYC race coordinator Grace Carrick.

StFYC summer camp briefing
It’s not the usual look for a StFYC briefing, but at least they get to go sailing!
© 2020 St Francis Yacht Club

Meanwhile the youngsters at Call of the Sea’s summer camps are doing more than just sailing. They’re also building their own model schooners which will be displayed in a ‘boat show’ for the campers’ parents. We’ve been told there are still a couple of spaces available in the second or third camp sessions, beginning next week.

Masked youth holding model boat
This model boat looks almost big enough to carry its builder!
© 2020 Call of the Sea
Masked sailors at the helm
Masks are no problem for these young sailors.
© 2020 Call of the Sea

Are you a mask-wearing sailor? How are you finding the experience? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have photos to share, send them along to [email protected].

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