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Wil Spaul and ‘Chubby Girl’ Head Out the Gate

Last week we posted a story about Wil Spaul’s upcoming voyage to Hawaii aboard his tiny sailboat. Yesterday he cast off the docklines and headed out the Gate.

Mitch and Quincy Andrus were out enjoying the Bay this past weekend aboard their Kelly Peterson 46 Esprit when they happened across Wil Spaul leaving for Hawaii aboard his 9-ft sailboat, Chubby Girl.

Mitch relayed, “We enjoyed fantastic sailing on Saturday, and a hot motor back to Berkeley early afternoon today. We grabbed a couple photos of Wilbur Spaul and the Chubby Girl. As we motored by he jovially said, ‘I’m headed to Hawaii, two months!’ and held up the peace sign.”

Wilbur Spaul and Chubby Girl
While the diminutive Chubby Girl is only 9 feet long, you can see from this photo that her mast is almost as tall as the Salesforce Tower.
© 2020 Quincey Cummings
Wilbur Spaul Chubby Girl
Chubby Girl can make San Francisco Bay look as big as the Pacific Ocean, which she’s about to cross.
© 2020 Quincey Cummings
Wilbur Spaul Chubby Girl
On a calm Sunday morning Chubby Girl and Wil motorsail toward Hawaii.
© 2020 Quincey Cummings
Chubby Girl morning position
As of this morning Chubby Girl had made a beeline for the Farallones, but appears to now be headed NE.
© 2020 Chubby Girl

You can listen to Wil Spaul talk about his voyage to Hawaii on Ben Shaw’s Out the Gate, and you can follow Chubby Girl ‘s journey here.

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  1. Jean-Luc Gourmelen 4 years ago

    Hello from Paris,
    Do you know of any proper Chubby Girl’s pictures taken under sails ? It’s hard to figure how she sails without seeing her sailing…

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