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Telling Stories About Sailors and Sailing

One of the best aspects of telling stories about sailing is that aside from writing about the sport we love most, we also get to write about the people we love most — other sailors! Over the past few months alone we’ve shared dozens of stories from sailors who have been sailing, are about to go sailing, have bought or lost a boat, sailors sailing in groups, and sailors sailing solo, and we’ve even shared stories from sailors about the weather or some other element of nautical-nature that has captured their attention. At the risk of sounding greedy, we want more. We want to hear about what you’ve been doing lately in your sailing life.

Did you buy a boat from a garage or estate sale, and are you seeking information about its history?

Ben sidewalk sailing the Sabot
“Request from a New Sabot Owner”
© 2021 Ben McGinty

Have you been getting together (COVID-style, of course) with other same-design boat owners?

In the wheel house
“Potter Yachters ‘Clear out the Haze’”
© 2021 Goose Gossman

Maybe engaging in some spirited racing?

Lasers coming in the Gate.
“Big Wind, Big Waves, Max Ebb and Small Boats”
© 2021 Ernesto Perez

Perhaps you’ve been at the water’s edge watching other sailboats or UFVs (unidentified floating vessels) slide by on the current, and have a few good photos to share.

“Are Elon Musk’s Space Launches Attracting UFOs?”
© 2021 Chris Boome

Sometimes you might be walking the beach and spot something for the ‘Lost and Found.’ Ed Hearst, who was a mainsheet trimmer for Ed Durbin’s Mistral in a winning Rolex Big Boat Series and now sails out of Club Nautique, sent the shot below after Tuesday’s windstorm. Anyone missing a buoy?

No Entry Allowed on San Francisco Bay
Is this a new BCDC buoy to prevent access to the Bay? Or maybe they don’t want to allow sailors ashore?
© 2021 Ed Hearst

Maybe you’ve taken part in a boat’s last voyage, or even salvaged a boat that was on its way to a watery grave.

Happy being filled with water then sinking
“No More Happy Days”
© 2021 Volker Corell

Some of you have left the Bay Area and caught up on sunny adventures down south.

Mexico, view from the beach
“Bay Area Sailors Return to Mexico”
© 2021 Rich Brazil

Or perhaps you’ve sailed closer to home and in doing so have seen something really cool.

Fogbow landing on shore
“Rare Fogbow Lands on Marin”
© 2021 Al Fricke

We know there have been fewer than the usual number of official races, but we’re pretty sure there have been enough to ensure someone has some good photos.

Roller Coaster sailing
“Santa Cruz Yacht Club Mixed Gender Doublehanded Regatta”
© 2021 Sydnie Moore

Maybe you’ve even captured a perfect Latitude 38 cover shot.

Alex Benedict
“On the Alert for Sonic Death Monkey”
© 2021 Will Benedict

Whatever you’ve been up to, if it’s about sailing we want to know. Send your photos and information to [email protected]. We’d love the full story, but if you just have photos for our new Sail-A-Gram — Coming Soon — send them to [email protected]. Maybe you’ll find fame and even more friends!

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