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Classic Schooner ‘Viveka’ Continues to Turn Heads in Europe

The gleaming 75-ft schooner Viveka was relaunched in fall 2020 after a five-year restoration at Rutherford’s Boat Shop in Richmond. Since then she’s been delivered to her new home waters, in the Mediterranean, under the ownership of British entrepreneur Sir Keith Mills.

Many readers will remember seeing Viveka sailing the Bay under her longtime owner, Merle Peterson, the President of the Pacific Ocean. She was also a regular feature at boat shows such as the Master Mariners Wooden Boat Show, which is coming up at the Corinthian Yacht Club on June 26. One of the show’s organizers, Randall von Wedel, tells us that Viveka has been nominated by Classic Boat magazine in the UK for 2022’s Best Restored Sailing Vessel over 40-ft.

You will get a good idea of why the schooner is a good candidate when you watch Mike Holmes’ video below, or read about her five-year restoration in our May 2020 issue.

If you’d like to vote for our famed former Bay Area resident, you can vote for best classic boat restoration here. She’s certainly deserving of the award.

The schooner Viveka after her relaunch, out for one of her last sails on the Bay.
© 2022 Mike Holmes

In January 2021 Mike Holmes wrote about sailing Viveka south to San Diego so she could be shipped from Mexico to Europe. The beautiful Viveka may have sailed on, but she is not forgotten.


  1. Tom Carr 1 year ago

    I was a neighbor of Viveka on ‘T’ pier in Ala Wai harbor in the mid to late 60’s. She was a beautiful boat then even though she was a little rough Merle did sail her inter island though. I was well acquainted with the live-aboards at the time. On the end of ‘T’ pier was the Aroner, John Fords big beautiful 100 foot (?) ketch.

  2. George Shea 1 year ago

    I remember Viveka in 1961 berthed on what is now G Dock in the Sausalito Yacht Harbor. Other old timers, the Valerie Queen, Wanderer and several others. My brother Jerome was good friends with Merle and the sailing crowd, raced aboard Pursuit with Ron McCannon to Mexico. Somewhere there are some fine pictures of Viveka on the bay with old real canvas sails. Everyone who lived in the harbor had little wood stoves and the smell of burning driftwood is a fond memory. The boardwalk had real Monk Pacific Trawlers lined up when not out fishing. It was the real deal.

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