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Sailing Science Center Volunteers Clean up on Treasure Island

Volunteers from the San Francisco Science Sailing Center (SFSSC) tackled a coastline cleanup on the north side of Treasure Island’s Clipper Cove last Sunday. Over the span of two hours the crew amassed a wide range of debris — from plastic wrappers, water bottles, Styrofoam containers and discarded metal pieces to fishing line and cigarette butts.

Two volunteers cleaning up at Treasure Island
Volunteers Mina Matsumoto and Victoria Marcus clear debris on Treasure Island. Plastic cups, Styrofoam containers, cigarette butts, plastic wrap and water bottles factored large on land. “It was a great day spent outdoors, and a rewarding time with fellow SSC volunteers,” Victoria said.
© 2020 Jim Hancock

SFSSC president and founder Jim Hancock said, “We filled two dozen bags’ worth of trash that we removed from a 100-yard stretch of shoreline to the west of the Treasure Island Sailing Center, plus another 50-yard stretch to the east.

“While the tie-in with sailing science may seem oblique, one of the major motivations for the Sailing Science Center is to expose people to the marine environment, and cultivate ways for them to strengthen a sense of stewardship for the ocean. As Treasure Island continues to develop, it attracts many visitors, not all of whom show equal care for the environment.”

SFSSC Volunteers with trash filled pick-up truck.
The crew of six SFSSC volunteers collected enough litter to fill the back of this pickup truck. Left to right: Martha Blanchfield, Alex François, Jim Hancock, Malachi François, Mina Matsumoto and Victoria Marcus.
© 2020 Jim Hancock

Volunteer Alex François added, “Spending a few hours combing through the shores of Clipper Cove was an eye-opener in seeing how much litter is left behind. Unfortunately, much of it gets trapped in the coastline’s rocks, and some is pulled into the water by the tides. We can do better.”

The San Francisco Science Sailing Center is a nonprofit comprising enthusiastic individuals who share a passion for sailing, science and the environment. This was the organization’s first coastal cleanup day. Additional litter removal sessions are being planned for 2021.

Visit the SFSSC webpage to learn more about their valuable work and programs.

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