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S/Y ‘Black Pearl’ and M/Y ‘Go’ Have Run-ins with Docks

This week we’ve come across footage of two large yachts that have had less-than-comfortable experiences at the docks. We received word of the sailing yacht Black Pearl‘s being pushed up against her dock in Montenegro during strong winds. Then, while we were researching the story, we found a video of the motoryacht Go plowing through a dock at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

The Black Pearl is a 350-ft three-masted sailing yacht. She has a 49-ft beam and a gross tonnage of around 2,864 tons. But none of this helped her when the vessel’s crew recorded true wind speeds of over 63 knots at her dock in Porto Montenegro.

The vessel’s captain, Chris Gartner, made a statement that appeared on the ship’s Instagram page. He said, “Unfortunately, during that time we had a few lines part. And due to our lines parting we did go up against the dock.”

S/Y Black Pearl in wind at dock
Neighboring vessels reported winds of around 80 knots.
© 2021 @yachtinginternationalradio
Broken dock alongside Black Pearl
Porto Montenegro crew were quick to assist the Black Pearl and her crew.
© 2021 @yachtinginternationalradio

Black Pearl and her dock did receive some damage, as you can see in the photos above, but that’s nothing compared to the carnage left behind in the wake of M/Y Go.

Go is a 252.5-ft motor yacht. She has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure with a (nearly) 43-ft beam and a gross tonnage of 1950 tons. Imagine this bearing down onto a simple dock structure while you’re sitting nearby enjoying a quiet coffee. Take a look at the following YouTube videos.

The video below captured Go‘s first encounter with the docks.


  1. Mark Anderson 3 years ago

    Happened to my docks I had built at VENTURA HARBOR BOATYARD in 2015 AND my 1964 Columbia 40 SOLERA…..The Morse Cable pin had sheared off for the Trans and they put it in reverse and floored it and it was in forward. 2 million and 20 K to my boat.

  2. chris white 3 years ago

    My Go’s fenders were too high.

  3. barry spanier 3 years ago

    i love how the crew shirts are color matched and they are running around with such an outsized thing that would do nothing.
    it was a computer error, apparently. My GO indeed.

  4. Chris Peterson 3 years ago

    Curbside pickup for Go?

    • Gene 3 years ago

      Biggest darned Bayliner MY I’ve ever seen…

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