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Renowned Sailing Photographer Sharon Green Hits the Big Screen

Ultimate Sailing’s Sharon Green is the subject of Fresh to Frightening: The Sharon Green Story, currently showing on the North American film festival circuit. Known for her spectacular photographs, often taken while leaning out of a helicopter, Sharon caught the attention of the film’s director, Gareth Kelly, who, after meeting her at his local yacht club some years ago, realized she was the photographer whose stunning sailing images he’d been admiring in magazines for years.

“This woman is incredible!” Kelly thought after writing a short profile piece about her in the local paper.

Fresh to Frightening had its world premiere screening recently at this year’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival(SBIFF) and at the Peoples Premiere at The Press Room, both of which were sold out. The film has been selected for ten festivals to date, and has won two awards, with notifications from over 60 festivals around the world still to come.

Sharon Green Fresh to Frightening poster
Producer Sharon Green and director Gareth Kelly pose in front of the Fiesta 5 ahead of their world premiere at the 37th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
© 2022 Fresh to Frightening

You can read about Sharon Green’s photographic journey in the January 2021 issue of Latitude 38. And for a sneak preview of her film, watch the trailer below.

Fresh to Frightening will be available to the wider public after it has been shown at the festivals, possibly as late as next year. In the meantime, if you would like to host a private screening of the film with the filmmakers at your yacht club or event, you can contact the film’s director, Gareth Kelly, at

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