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A Question for Our Readers: What Schooner Is This?

We had a question from a reader last week, and we’re hoping the great Latitude 38 community minds can come up with the answer.

The photo below was recently posted on the Facebook group Schooner Bums — you may have heard of it, or might even be a member. It’s mostly East Coast-based and is pretty much exactly what it suggests, a group of people who are all about schooners. If you’ve ever worked aboard a schooner or even a tall ship, you probably have some friends who are schooner bums. It’s almost unavoidable among career sailors.

Anyway, the point we’re slowly coming to is that we were sent a photo by Latitude reader Marcia Hilmen from Downwind Marine in San Diego.

Marcia is hoping to find out what this schooner is, pictured sailing out the Gate. She found the photo on the Schooner Bums group, and at the time, no one had a good answer to the question.

Here’s the photo Marcia sent us.

unknown schooner from GG Bridge
Staysail schooner, mid-sized, black masts. Any ideas?
© 2022 Facebook/Schooner Bums

So far the most common response is, “She is not a real schooner,” which Marcia believes alludes to her staysail-schooner rig… “Did I mention this Group is hard-core…?”

Let us know what you think. Do you know the vessel in question? Do you know if she is in fact a schooner? Drop your comment below, or if you have some detailed info and other photos, email us at [email protected].


  1. Dennis Bailey 1 year ago

    Looks like a plastic-unclassic…..

  2. Neil Gibbs 1 year ago

    Dragonfly. Pelican Harbor, Sausalito.

    • Chris Peterson 1 year ago

      Dragonfly was also my guess. I believe it’s a Columbia 50 and they made the cabin top more square than some of the others.

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