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Long Beach Yacht Club’s Stars+Stripes Withdraws from America’s Cup 36

In a letter to its members, Long Beach Yacht Club has announced that it has formally withdrawn from the current America’s Cup event. They acknowledged the tremendous effort put in by the club and look forward to take what they’ve learned from the effort into the future.

Taylor Canfield and Mike Buckley
Stars+Stripes principals Taylor Canfield (left) and Mike Buckley.
© 2020 Matthew Brush

The club will be hosting the prestigious Congressional Cup on May 11-16, 2021, as part of the World Match Racing Tour.

Williams and Canfield in Catalina 37s
Ian Williams and Taylor Canfield duke it out in a recent Congo Cup match. Spectators view the action from the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier.
© 2020 Bronny Daniels / Joysailing


  1. John Bechtol 3 years ago

    Heroic effort!

    • Joey 3 years ago

      What effort? They didn’t even build a boat.

  2. Chen Lee 3 years ago

    Knew they were going to get smoked!

  3. James J Heriot 3 years ago

    Was this the only american team? Are any americans crewing on other boats for experience?

    • Bob Wolff 3 years ago

      YES – the New York Yacht Club entered MAGIC boat

  4. Bill Boyd 3 years ago

    As far as I know they never built a boat…not sure why they waited soooo long to withdraw… I look forward to hearing the full story.

  5. Scott Mauney 3 years ago

    Dear Grand Prix sailors & Gary Jobson – pinnacles of the sport: Olympics & Vendee Globe. End of story.

  6. Steve Zimmer 3 years ago

    Losers from the beginning….should have handed off to another team earlier.


  7. Rose 3 years ago

    Knew they had no chance competing against New Zealand so why should they bother?

  8. Sam Christensen 3 years ago

    With many of the newly designed sailboats 120 million sounds rather steep. But who’s counting a few extra bucks.

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