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Latitude 38 Subscription Renewals Catch Us by Surprise

There are times when we’re reminded that many people are far better than we are at planning ahead. This is one of those times. The end of the year is approaching, and suddenly we start seeing a lot of subscription renewals. Many people give Latitude 38 subscriptions as holiday gifts. The renewal reminders go out early enough so people who actually plan ahead have time to renew their gift before they miss an issue.

Subscription Renewal Reminders
Our mailbox has been full. If you give a gift subscription to Latitude 38 they’ll get a jolly red reminder a year later.
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If you’d like to surprise and excite a sailor by having a hot-off-the-press issue of Latitude 38 delivered to them, you can hit our subscription page here and get it done. You’ll be way ahead of us in your holiday shopping.

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