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Late-Season Tropical Storm Roslyn Poised to Strike Mexico as a Hurricane

It ain’t over till it’s over. Hurricane season is “technically over” on November 1, when insurance policies allow cruisers to start heading south to Mexico and the Caribbean. Historically, hurricanes after these dates are exceptionally rare. And it’s not yet November 1. When we began writing about this latest disturbance, named Tropical Storm Roslyn, it was not expected to become a hurricane. This morning, the reports read otherwise.

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center predicts Roslyn will be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall late on Saturday into Sunday and has issued a hurricane warning for a portion of the west-central coast of Mexico, with a possibility of the warnings being extended northward later today.

Tropical Storm Rosalyn
If the prediction proves accurate, our friends in Puerto Vallarta and La Cruz are in for a rough time.
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According to Wikipedia, this year the eastern Pacific Ocean has seen “above average activity,” with seventeen named storms, nine hurricanes, and three major hurricanes forming. As our friends in the south brace for their second threat this month, we pray that they are safe and that Roslyn is the last of this year’s hurricanes.


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  1. Joseph DiMatteo 2 years ago

    Fingers crossed for Banderas Bay and Mazatlan where our boat is sitting “battened down”. Hoping our flight back to Mazatlan on Monday goes ahead as planned so we can finish preps to sail south…

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