Hurrican Lorena

Hurricane Lorena Approaching Cabo

It’s easy to get complacent about things like a Category 1 hurricane when you’ve recently witnessed, at a distance, the impact of a Category 5. However, if you’re in the path of a Cat 1 or even a tropical storm, complacency is the last thing you want. More »
Tropical storms Lorena and Mario

Sailors Beware: Hurricane Season Is Here

Following Monday’s story on the amazing escape of Josh and Christina from Hurricane Dorian, we find ourselves in the peak of hurricane season with other threats looming. Hurricane Humberto is moving toward  Bermuda, and Tropical Storm Jerry has formed just to the east of the Leeward Islands, and is expected to reach hurricane strength before reaching the islands on Friday. More »
Hurricane Dorian

Dorian Levels Bahamas, Makes Landfall in North Carolina

Many Latitude 38 readers have cruised the Virgin Islands, chartered in the Abaco Islands, or sailed up the East Coast via the Intracoastal Waterway. All these typically alluring destinations have been or will be in the path of still-churning Hurricane Dorian, which just made landfall at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina as a Category 1 storm. More »
Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian Closes in on Puerto Rico

While not massive in size, Hurricane Dorian could cause havoc to the Spanish Virgin Islands and the eastern end of Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from 2017’s Hurricane Maria. The storm is teetering on the edge between  tropical storm and hurricane, but leaning toward the upgrade before it makes landfall this morning. More »