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Hurricane Kay Threatens Western Baja

The Eastern Pacific has had a fairly active hurricane season, though so far, the storms have mostly spun harmlessly off to the west. The latest, Hurricane Kay, appears to be on a different track, with the center a few hundred miles to the southwest of Cabo and its course heading up the west shore of the Baja Peninsula, toward Turtle Bay.

Hurricane Kay
Hurricane Kay is taking a course similar to the Grand Poobah’s. He just sailed north from PV to San Diego with Profligate for the start of the Baja Ha-Ha.
© 2022 National Hurricane Center

The eye of the storm is set to pass to the west of Turtle Bay in the early hours of Thursday morning with potential hurricane-force winds from the northeast quadrant striking the bay and Cedros and other offshore islands directly. Tropical-storm-force winds and rain could travel up north the length of both sides of the Baja Peninsula. The system will then continue north, bringing rain and flash flood warnings to San Diego and parts of Southern California and Arizona on Friday and Saturday.

Windy Turtle Bay
According to Windy this will be the location of Hurricane Kay on Thursday evening.
© 2022 Windy

Keep your fingers crossed for everyone along the coast and in Turtle Bay.


  1. milly Biller 6 months ago

    Yes indeed John
    They keep moving further and further up the coast, and the impacts to Baja and So Cal could be bad

  2. Ron Harben 6 months ago

    The latest CruisersForum issue has a conversation titled “Sterilizing Water in Developing Countries.” While not mentioning the Baja HaHa specifically, I immediately thought with Hurricane Kay wreaking havoc along Baja California’s west coast, getting fuel and water could be problematic: Both fuel and water could be contaminated. The diesel could have more water in it than usual and the water could have any number of pollutants in it. We “HaHa-ers” will need to be cognizant of these conditions and be prepared to deal with whatever is encountered be it carrying enough fuel for the entire trip to CSL to having fuel polishing capabilities on board. A water maker, a reservoir of water jugs, or a water filtration/purification system may be necessary combat the potential potable problem with the water.

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