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The Great Pumpkin Visits Richmond Yacht Club

In and around epic shoreside goings-on, Richmond Yacht Club ran a passel of races over the weekend in the Great Pumpkin Regatta. This story isn’t about the racing — we’ll cover that in the December issue of Latitude 38. In honor of Halloween, this story is about cutting loose in costume.

Make-up in the mirror
Putting on the finishing touches in the ladies’ room.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

What made this particular edition of the Great Pumpkin so epic? It reached a critical mass that, in our subjective and unscientific observation, was unmatched since before not just the Great Pandemic, but the Great Recession.

Jell-O shots
RYC’s volunteers sold Jell-O shots for $2 each to raise funds for the Junior Program.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

Herewith, some visuals to get you in mood for today’s holiday, a favorite among a large swath of North Americans. (We do mean North Americans, not just “Americans” — RYC borrowed this year’s theme from Mexico: Día de los Muertos.)

Four ladies in costume
Spooktacular costumes were on full display.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris
Skeleton costumes
Skeletons were a popular motif.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

On-the-water activities included Saturday’s three races (five for the J/24 fleet) in three racing areas and Sunday’s pursuit race around Alcatraz and Angel Island — skipper’s choice of directions — with 171 entries.

The crew of the J/88 Inconceivable raced while masquerading as sealife.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

Off-the-water activities kicked off with a kids’ pumpkin-carving party on Friday, a yard sale all weekend, free beer and chips after racing on Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday’s massive party, dance and taco bar.

Shark Sandwich inspired the crowd to pack the dance floor.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

The hordes of celebrants sprawled out onto the upper and lower decks of the club.

Four people in costume outside
Hanging out on the deck at RYC on Saturday night. With the help of heat lamps, it wasn’t too chilly.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

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