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It’s Time for Good Jibes Number 9 — Destination: Channel Islands

This week on Good Jibes, Nicki Bennett reads an article from the August 2020 issue of Latitude 38 sailing magazine. Hear marine surveyor and US Coast Guard veteran Mike Pyzel describe why the Channel Islands offer all you could ever ask for in a cruising area in “Destination: Channel Islands.” Follow along and read the article at

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Santa Anas are sudden northeasters that howl off the mainland from Ventura and Oxnard, and strike the north sides of the Channel Islands — especially Santa Cruz and Anacapa — with fury. These winds nearly always spring up after sunset. The biggest danger is the steep seas that pack into all the anchorages on the north side of the islands.

Channel Islands
Don’t let Southern California’s prevailingly mellow conditions fool you: Things can get nasty in a hurry.
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  1. Steve Zevanove 1 year ago

    If my eyes don’t deceive me, that’s the 40 ft Bill Lee ULDB Panache in the center of the photo. One of Bill’ early designs from the 70’s. Great to see she is still on the water.

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