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It’s Time for Good Jibes Episode #15 with John Taussig

Welcome to Good Jibes, Episode 15! This week, join host John Arndt as he chats with John Taussig about his craziest sailing stories and top safety tips. John Taussig is a paramedic, USCG 50-Ton Master License holder, adventure sailor, and executive director for Backcountry Medical Guides. He’s been an EMT and paramedic professional for 20 years, and, he’s a lifelong sailor.

Hear how to be safely prepared for your afternoon sail, how to rescue someone who’s hypothermic, and about the importance of communication on an adventure, John’s experience with the Panama Canal, and the time he was surrounded by a dozen orcas. This episode covers everything from extreme ocean adventures to top-notch safety advice.

John Taussig
At minute 48:07 discover the most important lesson sailing has taught John Taussig.
© 2021 John Taussig

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • Was John ever a racer?
  • What attracts him to spending time outdoors?
  • Is his wife a sailor?
  • What drives him to go on long cruises?
  • How do you rescue someone who is hypothermic?
  • What got John to be an EMT?
  • How should you prepare for your afternoon sail?
  • Short Tacks: What’s the most important lesson sailing has taught John?

Check out the episode and show notes for more detail. You can also read more about John Taussig at

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