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Good Jibes: Craig Leweck Shares the Good Word on Sailing

Welcome to our 52nd episode of Good Jibes — at one per week, that equals an entire year of podcasts featuring sailors and their stories. This week, host John Arndt chats with Craig Leweck to catch up on all sorts of scuttlebutt in the sailing world and beyond.

Craig is the editor and publisher of Scuttlebutt Sailing News, a role he has held for over 20 years. His sailing résumé includes over 16 national and world titles, and even an Olympic campaign in 1992.

Craig Leweck on Good Jibes
At minute 38:28 find out what areas of the world are hosting great sailing events.
© 2022 Cynthia Sinclair

Hear the story behind Scuttlebutt Sailing News, how to find what interests you on and off the water, what to do when you retire, what’s good about sailing today, and how to make sailing events even more fun. This episode covers everything from racing to funny quotes. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did Craig develop his lifelong passion for sailing?
  • When did he start with Scuttlebutt Sailing News?
  • How did he develop his style of newsletter?
  • What are the best sailing events right now?
  • How does Craig like windsurfing?
  • What draws people to sailing?
  • How did Craig’s father Tom start Scuttlebutt Sailing News?
  • Short Tacks: What’s Craig’s favorite racing venue?

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