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Good Jibes #81: Marga Pretorius on Cruising Solo

This week’s host, Nicki Bennett, is joined by Marga Pretorius to chat about singlehanded cruising on her Kelly Peterson 44 Dogfish. Marga is a shipwright and marine surveyor currently based in Mexico.

marga Pretorius on good Jibes
At minute 26:06 hear Marga’s advice for women who want to cruise solo.
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Hear how to cruise solo while running your business, how it compares to cruising with a partner, how learning sailing skills can help you conquer other obstacles in life, what the cruising community has meant for Marga, and about her love for the next generation of sailors.

This episode covers everything from singlehanding to marine surveying. Here’s a small sample:

  • How did Marga get to where she is today?
  • What did she do at BMC?
  • How has it been cruising solo?
  • What’s next for Marga?
  • How is her marine surveying business going?
  • What is her degree in?
  • How has Starlink impacted cruising?
  • Short Tacks: What’s Marga’s favorite upgrade to Dogfish so far?

Learn more about Marga at

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