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Good Jibes: Jeanne Socrates on Circumnavigating at Any Age

Welcome back to Latitude 38’s podcast, Good Jibes! This week we’re casting off with host Nicki Bennett and circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates to chat about singlehanding around the globe — again and again, and again.

But first…

Throughout October we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our Good Jibes podcast by giving listeners the chance to win one of five sets of Spracht BoneHead Sport headsets. The entry requirements were simple — sign up for the weekly Good Jibes newsletter between October 1 and 31.

This morning we drew five winners from the list of new subscribers and emailed them. If you received an email with the subject line “Congratulations! You won!” reply to the email ASAP to confirm your prize. Winners’ names will be announced on Friday.

Now, back to this week’s episode…

Jeanne is the oldest person to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world via the Southern Ocean’s Five Great Capes, and is also the first woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world from North America.

Jeanne Socrates on bow of Nereida
AT 23:32 hear the story behind Jeanne’s boat, Nereida.
© 2022 Jeanne Socrates

Hear how to get started sailing later in life and go from inexperienced sailor to sailing around the world, stories from Jeanne’s 4.5 circumnavigations, what it’s like being out there alone for 11 months, and why sailing brings people together.

This episode covers everything from radio to dolphins. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did Jeanne start sailing?
  • What kind of boat did she lose?
  • How did her first circumnavigation attempt go?
  • When did she set her first record?
  • What do you do by yourself for 11 months?
  • How was Jeanne’s experience hanging in Australia?
  • What’s next for her?
  • Short Tacks: Is there any other upgrade she’s looking forward to?

Learn more about Jeanne on YouTube @JeanneSailingSolo, Instagram @Jeanne_Socrates,, and SV Nereida on Facebook.

Listen to the episode on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and your other favorite podcast spots – follow and leave a 5-star review if you’re feeling the Good Jibes!

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