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Good Jibes With Mary Menninger: Following Your Sailing Passion

Welcome back to Good Jibes. This week, Moe Roddy hosts our 45th episode, a chat with Mary Menninger about “Following your sailing passion.” But first, we’d like to say thank you to all our readers and listeners who have tuned in to Good Jibes. We’re excited to tell you we’ve reached 30,000 downloads since the program’s launch on August 25, 2021! Now, about that podcast …

Lifelong sailor Mary Menninger is an accomplished racer and cruiser who taught a program for students interested in the marine industry, and volunteers at Treasure Island Sailing Center. Her father, George Griffith, is the “Father of the Cal 40.”


Mary Menninger
At minute 39:55 learn who has been Mary’s greatest inspiration.
© 2022 Mary Menninger

In this episode, hear Mary’s best sailing advice, what she learned from her dad, how to make sailing available to more people, how to give back to the next generation of sailors, and why sailing satisfies the human need for adventure at the deepest level — everything from growing up in a sailing family to volunteering in the sailing world.

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • Was it an idyllic childhood?
  • What role did Mary have on the boat?
  • Did her dad really draw the original Cal 40 on a napkin?
  • Why did he build a power boat?
  • What was the program Mary started for future mariners in Southern California?
  • How did she start volunteering for the Treasure Island Sailing Center?
  • What kinds of boats did her family have when she was a kid?
  • Short Tacks: Sailboat vs. Power Boat?

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  1. John Frazier 2 years ago

    Is Mary Menninger married to Bill Menninger?

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