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Enjoy This Week’s Good Jibes with Latitude’s Nicki Bennett

Welcome back to our weekly podcast, Good Jibes. This week we have a very special guest, one of our own crew, Nicki Bennett. Nicki is Latitude 38‘s sales and marketing specialist. She grew up enjoying frequent weekend sails to the Channel Islands with her best friend’s family, and had always dreamed of coming back to sailing. In 2020, Nicki fulfilled that dream, and joined the crew at Latitude 38.

Host Ryan Foland chats with Nicki about how to find the right boat for you, captain your own boat, and get comfortable with change. The episode includes Nicki’s favorite moments and lessons learned while hosting Good Jibes, and the things she’s learned from just getting on the water — everything from battling back from rough waters to committing to a new boat.

Nicki Bennett
At minute 17:03, hear what Nicki would do differently if she were looking for a boat now.
© 2022 Nicki Bennett

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • How does being a guest compare to being a host?
  • What is a story that shaped Nicki as a sailor?
  • Where did her dream of sailing come from?
  • How did she make the jump to getting her own boat?
  • What make and model is her boat?
  • Why are community and sailing so important to her?
  • How does the romanticized view of sailing compare to reality?
  • What’s Nicki’s favorite lesson from hosting Good Jibes?

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