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Your First and Last Chance to Win the Wosser Trophies in 2021

Timing is everything! Our last Latitude 38 Spring Crew List Party was on March 5, 2020. At the party, Ron Young took the stage to announce the newly established Latitude 38 Wosser Trophies, created to encourage participation in racing. Immediately afterward all racing stopped.

Wosser Trophies at Spring Crew List Party in 2020
The Wosser Trophies, donated by Ruth Wosser, were displayed at the 2020 Spring Crew List Party.
© 2021 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

Racing eventually stumbled forward in 2020. This past year, racing was almost back to normal, though with some reduced post-race revelry. And without a Spring Crew List Party.

We are reintroducing the trophies at the back end of the 2021 racing season to give this year’s racers one more chance to add to their already-bursting trophy cabinets. Actually, you have a shot at winning even if you never won a race all year. Ruth Wosser gifted these stunning, unique trophies to Ron Young and then to Latitude 38 to recognize Jake Wosser’s past achievements and future racers for both achievement and participation. The Wosser Trophies will be awarded as follows:

  • Jake Wosser Trophy: To the winner of the largest one-design regatta held on San Francisco Bay that year.
  • Ruth Wosser Trophy: To the owner whose boat has raced (or started) in the most individual YRA-sanctioned or Coast Guard-approved race days in a year.
  • Susie Wosser Trophy: To the owner who takes the most individuals racing on his/her boat during a race on San Francisco Bay in that year. (Crew under age 19 count as two.)

The trophies can be awarded to a single class or boat only once during any 10-year period. To win, sit down on this upcoming rainy Sunday and record the races you entered in the forms prepared by Laura Muñoz of the YRA. With this year-end announcement, we suspect entries could be light. Therefore, chances of winning are high. Your name and boat name could be on the first plaque of the first year these trophies are awarded. This also serves as an early notice for the awards in 2022.

Enter to win by December 15. Find complete details here.

  • The Jake Wosser Trophy: We’re looking for nominations of the winner of the largest one-design regatta held on San Francisco Bay in 2021. We suspect it could be the ILCA NAs or perhaps an Opti regatta or ? Please submit your nomination to [email protected].
  • The Ruth Wosser Trophy: List all your information and races in 2021 in the form here.
  • The Susie Wosser Trophy: List all your 2021 crew in the form here.
ILCA Lasers start
Was the ILCA North Americans the largest one-design regatta on San Francisco Bay in 2021?
© 2021 St. Francis Yacht Club

This is your warning, preparatory and starting signal all in one. Head to your keyboards to recall and record all the great races and great people you sailed with this year. In the Corinthian spirit of racing, we’ll assume all entries to be accurate. Any ties will be resolved by the Advisory Council listed on the Wosser Trophies web page.

The 2022 Northern California Sailing Calendar and YRA Schedule will come out on December 30 with the January issue of Latitude 38. At that point, you can plan your racing schedule and draft crew to include the maximum number of sailors possible in the new year. If you’re looking to grow your crew, the Latitude 38 Crew List has more than 350 entries in a variety of categories. Good luck and happy racing in 2022!

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