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February Issue Arrives With the Lunar New Year — The Year of the Tiger

One month after your New Year’s Eve celebrations, you can do it all over again, but with a difference. Today, Monday, January 31, happens to be New Year’s Eve for the 2022 Chinese New Year, which falls on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. It’s the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, coinciding with the day of the new moon. All this on the same day we deliver the February issue of Latitude 38 — the first of the spring issues! You’ll get to read about the Pacific Puddle Jump, Dustin Reynolds, Season Champions Part 3, and much more.

Latitude 38 magazine
It’s not always easy to find Latitude 38 at every store, but if you’re lucky, they’ll have it right near your favorite marine hardware.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

In case you’ve missed the news, our delivery driver for the San Francisco/Peninsula driving route is retiring after the February issue, so we have an opening for a new driver starting with the March 1 delivery. The job is a one-day-per month commitment and a great way to visit all your favorite sailing locations along the San Francisco Peninsula. Learn more here.

December delivery day
Flashback to December, when Bob and Dale were new on the job. We’ll be saying farewell to Dale after tomorrow’s delivery.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

When you pick up your new issue tomorrow, stop and take a selfie and then send it to us. The first reader to do so will win a new Latitude 38 hat! Send your photo to [email protected].

If you’re interested, according to legend the Tiger believed its speed and vigor would ensure it was the fastest of all the zodiac animals in a race to decide their order. The confident Tiger was outdone by the cunning Rat and the diligent Ox, which took first and second place, leaving the Tiger in third place. Sound familiar?

The moral of this story as we see it, sailors, is do not assume you are going to win a race just because the odds are in your favor or you happen to be at the front of the fleet. As the well-worn adage goes, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!” We expect you all know that, but it doesn’t hurt to get a reminder.

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