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Digging It at Hood River Marina on the Columbia River Gorge

The Pacific Northwest has been inundated with snow and rain in recent days. Eric Sanford, from Hood River, OR, sent us these photos of the Hood River Marina, which lies at about latitude 46N and 600 miles north of San Francisco. Eight degrees north and a few miles inland from the Pacific along the Columbia River can make a big difference. Eric wrote, “We had over four feet of snow in a couple of days, then [it] turned to rain and frozen. I spent several hours each day shoveling off my boat, and many around me, since many people couldn’t get down to their boats at the marina with the roads closed. A real mess, but it finally looks to be over. At least for a few days. HA!”

Hood River Marina
A snowy Hood River Marina.
© 2022 Eric Sanford
A powder day is better for skis than cockpits.
© 2022 Eric Sanford
Hood River Marina
It’s always good to have a dodger to protect you from the elements.
© 2022 Eric Sanford
Deep powder on Tango
Deep powder on Tango.
© 2022 Eric Sanford
Sailboat frozen in ice
Mister Peanut isn’t ready for frostbiting today.
© 2022 Eric Sanford
Aluminum sailboat Tika
This is when aluminum does not look warm.
© 2022 Eric Sanford
Hood River
Eric previously sailed in Emeryville and the Caribbean. Ironically, his current boat is named Solstice. In memory of the warmer weather, perhaps?
© 2022 Eric Sanford

These photos show us why some Pacific Northwest sailors are happy to be in Mexico right now. Or why some Bay Area sailors will be smiling while they’re racing in the sunny CYC, SCYC, BYC or OYC midwinters this coming weekend. But, come summertime, the Columbia River Gorge will be rocking with sailing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. Plus, this summer, the Columbia Gorge Racing Association will be hosting the RS Aero Worlds at Cascade Locks.


  1. Reg White 2 years ago

    Well, we in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA, and obviously due to “Global Warming”, only got about 2/3 of your load, but still an ice mess to follow on after the first rain, n now working towards a really nice weekend so we’ll probably get cleared up pretty well, and be ready for the next storm to hit……

  2. Pippa 10 months ago

    Guessing by the lack of mention here and for the last few years that Debbie finally left Eric. Good on her.

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