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Baja Ha-Ha XXVIII Registrations Open May 11

It’s official: Baja Ha-Ha XXVIII is set for 2022, and registrations open in just short of 10 days! That’s right, folks. Check your calendar, block out the dates, grab your details, and get ready to sign up on May 11 for the wildest cruising rally on the West Coast, possibly anywhere!

Ha-Ha vets will tell you it’s the best thing they’ve ever done, and many of them come back year after year to join the fleet and sail their way from San Diego, CA, to Cabo San Lucas, MX, among great company and good friends. The 750-mile rally includes stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria, where cruisers drop the hook and mingle for fun events such as the famous cruiser-versus-locals baseball game in Turtle Bay — where nobody can strike out and where women and children are always safe; a live rock ‘n’ roll band at Bahia Santa Maria; a dance-off and popcorn throw at Squid Roe; and the classic “Here to Eternity Kissing Contest” in the surf at Medano Beach. And there’s more!

Baja Ha-Ha 28 image
Ha-Ha sailors make the best anchorage neighbors.
© 2022 Baja Ha-Ha

If you haven’t done a Ha-Ha, and have been wanting to, want no more. Hit the link — — read up on the dates and instructions, and find the sign-up page in preparation for next Wednesday, May 11, when registrations open. The sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to secure a berth at Cabo San Lucas. But even if you miss the dock, there’s plenty of space for anchoring just outside.

Did you know?

  • Over 10,000 sailors have done the Baja Ha-Ha, and most of them have made new lifetime friends.
  • The women have a 16-year winning streak over the men in the tug-o’-war contest.
  • Fishing is a lucrative pastime on the way down to Mexico — dorado, wahoo, yellowtail, mako, and other fish are often on the menu for Ha-Ha sailors. We’re told, “Cedar plugs seem to work well, although others score with homemade lures made of Heineken beer can parts and strands of bungee cord, and other lures.” Plus according to Ha-Ha lore, the top “masterbaiter” in last year’s 27th Ha-Ha caught 165 fish, though most were put back into the ocean.
Ha-Ha fishing
That’s a pretty low food-mile count. What’s better than fresh fish for dinner? … or lunch … or breakfast?
© 2022 Baja Ha-Ha

The 28th Baja Ha-Ha will run from October 31 through November 12, with the kick-off party on October 30. Be there!

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