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Archive for July 2019

Are You Headed to the Pacific Garbage Patch?

Alex Bellini, a self-described adventurer, speaker and mental coach, is looking for a ride to the Pacific gyre, and he’s willing to pay his way. Bellini’s ultimate goal is to “travel to the world’s 10 most plastic polluted rivers on a hand-made, floating vessel made out of local recycled materials,” and to “row solo across the Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest accumulation of plastic in the world.” More »

Bay Station’s Love the Bay

“A sailor is an artist whose medium is the wind,” said Webb Chiles. In the spirit of expression and creativity, some local sailors are stacking art upon art and turning it into a unique sailing, singing and reciting experience.  More »

Motorboat Rams Jetty near Vallejo

On Saturday, the Coast Guard rescued three people near the Carquinez Bridge in Vallejo after their 36-foot motorboat collided with the eastern jetty near the entrance of the Napa River. It’s not clear what caused the accident, other than something went terribly wrong. More »

Sausalito to Place Anchor-Outs in Slips

The city of Sausalito is about to begin a pilot program that would place long-term anchor-outs in liveaboard slips in local marinas. The new program is part of the city’s continuing efforts to find solutions for Richardson Bay’s anchor-out community. More »